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Bøger til socialister


International Socialism Journal 104 – Autumn 2004

Anti-capitalism five years after Seattle


Chris Harman: Spontanity, strategy and politics – 3
Ji Giles Ungpakorn: NGOs: enemies or allies? – 49
Mike Gonzalez: Venezuela: many steps to come – 65
Neil Davidson: The prophet, his biographer and the watchtower – 95

Book reviews

Gareth Jenkins: A truly human culture – 119
Mike Haynes: Hidden jewels from the Balkans – 124
Anne Alexander: Islam through the looking-glass – 127
Chris Harman: Digging deeper – 131
Pick of the quarter – 132

International Socialism
The anti-capitalist movement – still just five years old – has merged into the anti-war movement to produce some of the biggest protests the world has ever seen. Mass upsuges have shaken the system in Equador, Argentine, Venezuela and Bolivia. But the very growth of the movement has thrown up new problems and resurrected very old arguments about strategy. Chris Harman looks at these and challenges those who believe revolutionary organisation is neither necesary nor disirable.

Naomi Klein describes NGOs as part of a swarm which can beat back corporate globalisation. But many Third World activists view them with deep suspicion, even hostility, claiming that NGOs use their funds to co-opt and weaken grassroots struggles. Giles Ungpakorn from Thailand suggest the approach the left should take to them.

Venezuela's upper classes have tried three times to overthrow the government of Hugo Chávez, most recently with the referendum in august. On each occasion mobilisation of the country's lower classes defeated their schemes. Mike Gonzalez looks at where Chávez came from, what his movement represents and the mobilisation in support of it. He argues that the reforms made so far can only be defended by further revolutionary developments.

Isaac Deutscher's three-volume biography of Trotsky has just been reprinted. It inspired the 1960s generation of activists and can do so again today. But it also contains political assumptions that have to be challenged, argues Neil Davidson in a wide-ranging review article. Neil was this year's winner of the Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize.

Our new review sections looks at Victor Serge's writings on literature, Gilbert Achcar's collected articles on the Middle East, socialist writings on the Balkans, and a study of the impact of Marxism on archaeology

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Udgivet første gang: 2004

Nord- og Sydamerika
Antikapitalisme og globalisering
International Socialism Journal





International Socialism 104


134 sider

Sprog: engelsk

Pris: 35 kr.

ISBN: 1 898876 95 9

Forlag: International Socialism

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